BC Calculus Topics

Parametric Equations

  1. Graphing Parametrics

  2. Convert Parametrics to Rectangular Form

  3. First Derivative Parametrics

  4. Second Derivative Parametrics

  5. Arc Length of Parametric Equations

  6. Parametric Derivatives Quiz

Polar Equations

  1. Polar Coordinate Introduction

  2. Derivatives of Polar Functions

  3. Area Bounded by Polar Curve

Vector Equations

  1. Vector Basics

    1. Components of Vectors

    2. Determining Equivalent Vectors

    3. Magnitude of Vectors

    4. Unit Vectors

  2. Operations with Vectors

  1. First Derivative

  1. Second Derivative

  1. Motion Along a Curve

  1. PVA with Vectors

Sequences and Series

  1. Sequence Convergence and Divergence

  2. Partial Sums for Series

  3. Infinite Series as the Limit of Partial Sums

  4. Geometric Series

  5. n-th Term Test for Divergence

  6. Integral Test for Convergence

  7. P-Series and Harmonic Series

  8. Alternating Series Test

  9. Direct Comparison Test for Convergence

  10. Limit Comparison Test for Convergence

  11. Ratio Test for Convergence

  12. Absolute or Conditional Convergence

  13. Infinite Sequences and Series Quiz

  14. Alternating Series Error Bound

  15. Taylor and Maclaurin Polynomial

  16. Lagrange Error Bound

  17. Radius and Interval of Convergence for Power Series

  18. Functions as a Geometric Series

  19. Maclaurin Series of sin(x), cos(x), and e^x

  20. Integrate and Differentiate Power Series

  21. Integrals and Derivatives of Functions with Known Power Series